Why Choose Oslec?

SA based. No sales staff. Expert design and installation.

With Oslec, your solar system will be quoted, designed and installed by solar accredited and A-class licensed electricians.

We're South Australian owned and operated solar installers entirely run by licensed electricians. We don't employ pushy sales staff and we don't outsource our installations to inexperienced 3rd party contractors. Our installers are fully trained and certified and we proudly guarantee our workmanship.

Our staff will expertly design a completely customised system to suit your needs, and importantly, the unique conditions of your property. We always do an in person inspection prior to quoting, allowing our designs to consider issues such as roof structure and access, roof pitch direction and shading. This ensures your solar system will work perfectly with your property, maximising energy generation potential, and that there will be no surprise costs or technical issues come installation time.

By operating locally, quoting in person (rather than over phone just using satellite imagery) and avoiding sales staff without technical knowledge, we can offer extremely well designed and installed systems using high quality components at prices below most our competitors.


With Oslec you get:

Expert Installation

All designs and installations by solar certified A-class electricians.

Strong Guarantee

5 year warranty on parts and workmanship.

Value for money

Tailored designs for maximum energy generation at competitive costs.

Local service

SA based design, installation and warranty service.